Software for Fastener Suppliers, Integrated With the Pallet Design System™


A software program called FastenerSync™, developed by the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA), demonstrates the performance of fasteners (nails, staples) in a pallet connection. FastenerSync takes the specifications of a fastener (type, length, diameter, etc.) and wood (species, moisture content, board thickness) and predicts the strength of a pallet connection.

FastenerSync allows complete specification of a fastener, and then computes the withdrawal resistance and lateral (or shear) resistance of the fastener in a pallet connection. This provides the industry with an apples to apples comparison between two fasteners, and indicates which could lead to improved pallet performance.

The software also enables fastener manufacturers to “tweak” fastener specifications during product development, showing how a change might improve performance. The documentation produced by FastenerSync is clear and professional. It computes all the characteristics required to compare to the minimum fastener requirements in the Uniform Standard for Wood Pallets.

Highlights of FastenerSync

FastenerSync can be used to create complete and professional documentation of all the fastener specifications defined in the Uniform Standard for Wood Pallets and required as input to the Pallet Design System™ (PDS).

FastenerSync can also be used to create fastener specification data files directly readable by PDS – allowing fastener suppliers to easily provide specifications for their fasteners to customers that use PDS.

FastenerSync computes the characteristics required to compare to minimum fastener requirements in the Uniform Standard for Wood Pallets.

Finally, FastenerSync can be used to perform calculations of fastener withdrawal resistance and lateral resistance in a pallet connection (e.g. deckboards fastened to stringers or blocks).

FastenerSync is available via an annual license to fastener suppliers to the wood pallet industry that are Members of NWPCA.

(PDS Users may wish to encourage their fastener supplier to obtain FastenerSync and provide fastener specifications and data files for all fasteners they purchase.)

Learn more about the Pallet Design System™ of the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association by contacting NWPCA Headquarters at 703-519-6104.