Design the best, most efficient and cost-effective pallet for any specific need.

With the Pallet Design System™ (PDS), an engineering, design and marketing tool, you can design the optimum pallet by scientifically determining the safe load carrying capacity, performance and material quantity needed. PDS takes end-user requirements into consideration as it uses fundamental engineering principles to calculate and examine each possible solution.

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Why Choose PDS?

Designing a pallet by hand or through the use of a CAD system can be time-consuming and prone to over-design or errors. Testing of that hand-drawn or CAD designed pallet to ensure it meets your clients’ weight carrying specifications and performance requirements is generally cost-prohibitive for the average pallet manufacturer.

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Learn Why So Many of Your Industry Peers Choose PDS for Their Business.

“PDS is the best tool in the marketplace to safely analyze and design pallets to meet specific weight carrying capacities and safety factors.” – Bill Schneider, Remmey – The Pallet Company

Pallet management software

PDS includes a product specification tool that creates a pallet specification sheet, fully-dimensioned 2-D drawings with Top, Bottom, Side, and End Views, and 3-D drawings.

Pallet management software

PDS enables Users to quickly and accurately determine pallet performance under the intended conditions of use without time-consuming and expensive testing or trial and error.

PDS documentation produces very impressive and useful presentations to customers.


PDS enables manufacturers to assist their customers in significantly reducing costs, reducing product damage and increasing safety throughout the unit load handling system.

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cost-effective and more durable pallet.

pallet manufacturing software
Pallet management software

Pallet Design System™
is Now Available In
Multiple Languages

Report materials and user interfaces are now available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.