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Before proceeding, be sure you have your PDS license number and activation code. You will need these before you can download or update PDS on your desktop.

The National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) administers all licenses for PDS. If you have any difficulties downloading the program, contact NWPCA Support.

What’s New in PDS

  1. Open Enrollment in The Packaging School
  2. NWPCA Releases New Logo for PDS (May 2023).
  3. Product Releases: PDS v6.8 (Dec 2023)  incorporates three new features: 1) Block positioning flexibility; 2) Increased number of deckboards; 3) Plastic pail unit load analysis and safety factor. The PDS 6.8 release marks the completion of a comprehensive suite of system-level unit load design and analysis tools. Unit loads consisting of Boxes, Sheet Goods, Drums, and Plastic Pails can all be analyzed as a complete structural system with the pallet.